Thursday, October 27, 2011

Trusting Intuition

As I've mentioned before, I have been working on re-igniting my long time passions for health and wellness that I've had now for the past 13 years - which up until now had only been a personal journey but now my intent and vision is for it to become a professional one as well.  This blog has been part of the foundation for the new flame I am igniting to help the passion grow!  Reiki has been another part of the foundation.  I am able to receive the benefits of the reiki energy for my own healing from when I went through my attunements and whenever I practice on others.

Reiki at the simplest level is an amazing relaxation and stress reduction technique but at it's most complex, well, I'm not even sure if I know all of what it is at it's most complex, but at a deeper level, it is an energetic healing modality that helps balance the subtle energies of our body.  The healing can be physical, emotional, spiritual, ancestral and karmic.  The subtle energies that Reiki helps to balance include our chakras, our aura and our own ki or chi.  And indeed these energies are very subtle, which can make it difficult for us to grasp them and to grasp reiki.

There is science behind it - all matter is energy, energy is also all around us in forms that we can't even perceive, and since we are made up of different forms of energy too - why wouldn't we be able to use the inherently positive energy from the universe to help rebalance our energies?  This is actually deeply connected to Quantum Physics - much of which I intuitively understand but have not studied at any great lengths therefore will not go into that aspect of it, yet anyway!

The intuitive part is the part that doesn't fit into hard science and can easily be discredited by the scientific, pragmatic left brain side.  Intuition is that gut feeling you have that tells you "yes, go forward!" or "Nope, run away dear, run fast!"  Many of us second guess this part of our being or we are so disassociated from it that we don't even feel it.  Often our socialization, our families, our experiences or trauma have created an even further divide between our conscious mind and our intuitive body.

I know I'm always preaching about meditation- but it is a wonderful way to start to reconnect to our intuition.  Also, when we are faced with decisions, we can do a "decision meditation" where we sit and get into a meditative state and then bring the decision into our conscious mind and see what our "gut" feeling is.  That feeling may be in our gut or it may be in another part of our body, but often it is more of a feeling, the less rational side of things.  That "gut" feeling may contradict everything you know and believe but it is your intuition telling you something from a more expansive place.  If you find yourself thinking too much or being overly cerebral about it, then you're probably not intuiting.

An example of how my intuition works best is my people meter.  There have been now several occasions when I met a friend of a friend (different friends) and had a bad feeling in my gut and sure enough, usually within a short period of time, that person did something pretty bad to the friend.  I often second guess the feeling, afraid that I'm being judgemental or not giving them a chance but each time it's been confirmed by actual behaviors.  I have also had personal experiences where I just didn't listen to my intuition several times until I finally started to feel badly about a situation.  It was only once feeling bad that I realized I kind of knew all along this wasn't going to work out.  So there is merit to listening to your intuition and it can save you from unnecessary discomfort!

Intuition can also inform you about some of the goodness in your life or what that goodness is.  Listening to intuiton can help us figure out our life passion, what we need to focus in in the present moment for our own wellbeing or the wellbeing of our loved ones!  When we have that feeling of inspiration, that is our intuition telling us, "YES!" Whatever has inspired you, your intuition is letting you know that it is for your highest good!!!

**Disclaimer** There is of course a great difference between an adrenalin rush and inspiration.  There are some experiences, foods or substances that may give us an adrenalin rush or stimulate us but they may not be good for us...  food addiction, smoking, drama, gossip, etc... try to pay attention to the difference!

I really urge anyone I talk with to start to connect with their intuition and use it as part of their decision making information.  Don't base an entire decision solely on intuition, especially major ones, but use it in addition to your pros/cons list and the other things you do to make decisions!

Breathe! Smile! Intuite! Trust!

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Monday, October 24, 2011

Invitation: Guided Meditation and Boost Your Immune System

I would like to invite you to participate in a teleconference I will be participating in with a colleague of mine, Sonali Sadequee. It will be Tuesday the 25th (today for those of you reading this from your email) from 7-8pm, EDT. See below for details. Please, please, please email me at, immediately, if you plan on participating!

Free Health & Wellness Teleconference - October 25 at 7-8pm

Join Sonali Sadequee, Nutrition and Wellness Coach and Jyoti Kaneria, Reiki Master and Meditation Coach for this informational and inspiring teleconference:

To join this conference call:

1. Please join my meeting, Tuesday, October 25, 2011 at 7:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time.

2. Use your microphone and speakers (VoIP) - a headset is recommended. Or, call in using your telephone.

Dial +1 (636) 277-0136

Access Code: 613-962-566

Audio PIN: Shown after joining the meeting

Meeting Password: prevention

Meeting ID: 613-962-566


Online Meetings Made Easy™

Part I. Stress Reduction Meditation with Jyoti Kaneria

Are you stressed out? Not sleeping well? Unable to Concentrate? Do you get sick frequently & recover


  • Participate in a guided meditation
  • Take home practical skills for starting your own Meditation Practice
  • Learn how meditation improves your immune system, decreases stress and thereby your health
    • Studies show that people who meditated regularly for six weeks showed less activation of their immune systems and less emotional distress when they were put in a stressful situation.

Part II. Flu/Cold Prevention - with Sonali Sadequee

Do you suffer from:

  • Annual cold/flu symptoms and discomfort
  • Lack of energy/fatigue
  • Excessive mucus production
  • Nasal congestion
  • Headaches
  • Slow recovery from sickness/wounds/injuries

To understand how to stay well this winter, you must know that flu is not caused by a flu virus…as popular belief has us thinking. Flu is CAUSED by a suppressed immune system and TRIGGEREDby a virus.

Therefore, in the teleconference, we will share with you how to support your immune system in being strong and resilient! So your immune system can do what it is designed to do…fight of illnesses and infections.

You will learn about easy and practical methods to preventing cold/flu this season. We will discuss:

  • what foods boost the immune system
  • which lifestyle practices help us prevent exposure to virus
There are lots of actions we can take before actually succumbing to chemical treatments that often times have negative side effects. Sonali brings you grounded information based on science and nature so that you can make your own decision from an educated and well informed place.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Art of Apologizing

Today we were supposed to move my mom's stuff into her new apartment in an amazing retirement community but the person we hired to move her got sick, so all the planning, organizing and preparations were shaken up and had to be shifted to another day.  When I got the call, I was really irritated and felt myself freeze up into Mrs. Inflexible!  I caught myself hardening my tone with my mother, as I do far too often, raising and tensing my voice as I do when I'm frustrated.  "No, I can't do Thursday!" I said, knowing that I probably could do it with a few texts to babysitters but just feeling down right childish and wanting someone else to feel how frustrated I felt.  And really, what did it matter!  It's not even me moving.  I may have coordinated a good portion of this move, but at the end of the day, I wasn't even planning on lifting any boxes and at the last minute, even I got sick and wasn't going to be there for the first part of the day.  But I wasn't in control anymore and things weren't going as I had so delicately planned!!!  Finally, after a few calls, my mom and I rescheduled everything for Thursday, the day that the freight elevator was available at the apartments.

I still felt myself wanting to be inflexible, digging my heels in and pouting because all my hard work was ruined... as if rescheduling to a different day really ruined anything.  As a matter of fact, because of the rescheduling of things, I actually ended up having practically the whole day to myself.  I was feeling better from the stomach bug I'd had the day before, Rishi had planned a big morning out with Anjali, since I was supposed to be moving my mom and then now, I didn't even have to do that anymore!!  What was I gaining by staying so irritated at this whole situation and at my mom?  As I was driving to a coffee shop to get some work done, I realized what a jerk I'd been to my mom, again!  Those of you who know me, and most of you do, know that I've got some issues with being nice to my mom.  I'm fully aware of them, but completely out of control with them.

One thing I've learned over the years is how excruciatingly significant and utterly beautiful apologizing can be, not only for the person who received the wrong doing but especially for the person who's done the wrong doing.  I think I learned to apologize at a much older age than most people and still sometimes find it to be one of the most difficult things to do but when I do it, and I try to do every time I 'should,' I remember how simple it really is and then that magical sensation of calmness comes from having humbled myself away from the arrogant, inflexible person that desires to brood in her corner and into a person who takes responsibility for what she's done and recognizes when she's done it and then let's the other person know.  I have been the victim of having someone very close to me, in the past, who would lash out and almost never apologize.  Being treated this way is no fun and can make one feel a little alienated and crazy.  The apology definitely doesn't excuse the "undesirable" behavior, but it does help heal the hurt it has caused!  And both "sides" are hurt, so both sides get to heal when those simple words pass from one's mouth.  I know it helped me today and I hope it helped my mom.

Breathe.  Smile. Apologize. Recognize. Energize!

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Monday, October 10, 2011

Our Teachers Are All Around Us

This past weekend I was wiped out, primarily because of my lunar cycle starting and just feeling down right exhausted from it.  I felt heavy, tired, inexplicably sad, scattered and unmotivated to do much of anything.  On Saturday, I napped when Anjali did and woke up feeling a little better but not completely.  Rishi unexpectedly had to meet someone to show his mom's car that they're trying to sell, which meant a heavy, tired, inexplicably sad, scattered, unmotivated me alone with a well rested Anjali.  Not that I don't do that every single day of the week, I just usually feel a bit stronger and I expect to have Rishi there to buffer on the weekends.  So, needless to say, I felt the brooding Jyoti coming on.  Laid it on thick with Rishi when he was leaving and then tried to get Anjali distracted with something so I could continue to zone out.  But I remembered I hadn't watered the garden yet.

So, I told Anjali that we were going to water the garden but that we couldn't get too wet, we just had to get the water in the garden and that was it.  Yeah, right! She loves water and loves watering herself as well as the garden.  But I was irritated, didn't want to have to take her clothes off, dry her off and get her dressed in dry clothes, upstairs!  I just wanted her to stop playing in the water.  Stop being a kid. A kid in love with water.  I snapped at her.  Threatened to turn the water off.  Moved it away from her every time she got near.  Finally, still brooding, I gave up fighting her and just got lost in my own thoughts as she literally soaked herself from head to toe.

As I was lost in thought, I started to fear that my negative energy was going to go into the seeds, never mind the kid, and they wouldn't start to sprout.  Then, I pulled focus with my eyes from the water and saw Anjali in a state of complete bliss, dripping from every place possible, laughing and just wholeheartedly loving the moment.  I started to break from my brood of a moment.  I felt myself lighten up, loosen up and relax.  I smiled, even though I had to fight myself to let myself smile.  I giggled at this wild child who felt so satisfied with herself and the moment despite the crisp temperature and her drenched state.  She started to laugh and then I started to laugh and then I let go completely and allowed myself to play with her with the water, splashing her, moving it and then getting her again.  All the while intensifying the bliss of the moment for both of us.  Our eyes caught one another and we just cackled away.

Then I pulled focus again, back to the garden that I was supposed to be watering and saw a speck of green.  I thought it was a leaf that had fallen but then I stood up and walked closer and looked again... it was a sprout, a collard green sprouted!  And there were several of them.  And some kale sprouts too!   My heart just melted!  My Anjali sprout and my collard sprout both having a joyous afternoon in the water and love.  She was so excited too, once I got her to see the tiny plant!  Ahhhh, what a beautiful moment.  And what amazing teachers, my two little sprouts, to help remind me of what is truly important!  Don't forget, we are NOT perfect, just seeking those perfect moments that constantly surround us!

Brood just for a moment, it's ok.  But then pull your focus and try to see what perfection surrounds you!

Love. Smile. Water. Drench. Sprout. Breathe.

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Humbled. Thank you!

Before delving into ideas that I have for my next post, I have to say that I am deeply humbled and moved by the thoughtful, personal and positive feedback I have gotten about this blog.  Many of you who read this regularly have contacted me directly and shared your response to several posts.  It may sound cliche to say "You are what keep me going..." But it is SOOO true.  Otherwise, I get bored when I feel like I'm just talking to myself here.  I'd probably keep doing it as this is my space for keeping my own self focused on what is inspiring, moving and important.  But I have to say hearing from you and how my words, thoughts, ideas and experiences have touched you or helped you gives me such a deep level of inspiration.

Thank you!

Breathe. Smile. Inspire. Love. Give Thanks!

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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Anger, Control and Letting Go

Anjali and I have had some moments over the past week or so... Moments that have REALLY tested my ability to handle getting really angry. Wow, it wasn't always pretty and man did I feel pretty lousy by my reactive response to our moments. Many of these moments happened during our "Anjali plays with water in the sink and Mommy brushes her hair and teeth" process in the mornings. And I noticed how stuck with that particular process I was, even though she was continually acting out during it, screaming "No, it's MY turn to brush my teeth" when it was my turn or vigorously splashing water out of the sink. You may be saying, that's what kids do. And yes, you're right, but she hadn't been doing that. She would play so calmly and nicely in the water and then let me brush her teeth after having her own turn to do it. So finally, in a bit more of stern way than I would have like, I ended the process, quickly turning the water off and telling her in a pretty stern voice, "Ok, we're done. We're done here." And then I moved her to the other room whilst she screamed, "No mommy, no!"

The whole point of this background is to show where I was stuck with my need to control situations and not wanting to change and therefore letting the whole situation get worse and worse until I was kind of crazed with anger. I could only see that process as the only way I could get her hair done and brush her teeth. I was also so stuck and controlling to have her hair done precisely in the way I could do it when she was standing at the sink. After moving her, she was pretty pissed with me so was then on a "No!" rampage for everything we had left to do in our morning routine. Pushing me even deeper in to my need for things to get done and to be done in a certain way. And to top it off, we had a time limit - needed to meet someone or had to be at a class by a certain time. Which for me send me into a bit of panic mode... which meant more stern voices and more "No Mommy!!!!"

With all types of scenarios that exist out there in our routines, our behaviors even our attitudes and beliefs - we can get stuck in them or in a cycle of control for how things should be or should go. When I am in this kind of place I can become incredibly angered and if I don't have enough control, it is in these moments of anger that I can say or do things that I will either immediately or ultimately regret. I ALWAYS regret the not-so-nice things I say to Anjali, usually immediately but always ultimately. But I'd love to get to a place where I could communicate more calmly or recognize sooner when it's time for me to let go! The longest I've gone with staying angry with her has been a couple of hours. But, like I always do after I've reacted way more reactively than I prefer, I sit down with her once we've both calmed down and explained to her why I chose to do what I did, or apologize for what I'd done that was a "mistake" as we call it in our house, and I give her a big hug and a kiss! I feel this is better than not doing it but not nearly as good as handling the situation more calmly. I would still have moved her, but if I'd had more control over my anger and less control over how I thought things should go, then I probably could have changed the scenario without hurting her feelings and without having to felt the rage that built up in me.

As I look back on these moments that she and I have had over the past week-ish, I realize how much of my anger could have been prevented if I had just let go of my preconceived notion of how things should go or be. And if I had recognized that it was time for our process to change or be modified in some way. Letting go is oh so much more difficult to actually do in the heat of an angry moment than when looking back at a situation with 20-20 hindsight, but I have to say, when I meditate, make sure my blood sugar levels are stable and get enough rest, it's so much easier than when even one of those factors aren't present. My goal for this next week is to do my best to recognize when I could be more flexible, how I can change a situation when it is clearly not working and to try to do it all with a calmer, softer voice... we'll see!

Let Go. Let Change.

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