Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Reiki, the next step?

I have had a long time passion for health and wellness starting in 1998 when I worked part-time as a cashier in a health food store in Greensboro, NC. I had just officially become a vegetarian (and continued as one for the next 11 years...) I had also been suffering from chronic sinus infections for a very long time and western, allopathic doctors just kept giving me antibiotics that weren't curing the source of the problem. I found the natural remedies to finally help me get to the root of the problem!

I spent a good part of the next decade learning about herbal remedies, dietary influences and the mind-body connection to how my body was able to heal itself and be healthy, physically and emotionally. I began eating organic food and finally tasting, I mean really tasting, apples and tomatoes as they should be - full of flavor! I also started dancing, doing yoga and meditating regularly and could finally take charge of my life and health in a way that I never had felt before.

In 2003, I decided to move back to Georgia after living in California for 3 year and when I left I was planning to study Ayurveda but got derailed at the core because of fear but also because I decided to focus on other important areas of my life after meeting my husband...

I had heard of reiki and was always intrigued. I got attuned to the first level when I was first back in Atlanta. I used it mostly for self healing on and off for the next several years. This past November I started to feel that strong push towards making a career in health in wellness again. I have now made some short-term plans and long term plans to finally be able help others begin their path of healing their bodies, minds and spirits. The short-term plan: Reiki! I became a reiki master June of this year. The long-term plans, TBD... acupuncture? Life Coach? Not sure! There are so many different modalities and exercises that can assist us in living to our fullest potential and heal ourselves at a deep core level.

Ok, so finally, to the primary focus of this post: Reiki. It is one of the most beautiful, subtle yet powerful, modalities I have encountered. It can be beneficial for soooo many things it's unbelievable, on the physical, emotional and spiritual level. My personal experience has been mostly emotional and spiritual healing but I've heard of many testimonies of the physical benefits as well.

Reiki is simply spiritually guided life energy or channeled cosmic energy from the universe for the purpose of balancing the subtle energies within our bodies. "Rei" is universal, spiritual consciousness and "Ki" is life energy or universal life force. We all carry within us some level of reiki in the sense that when we get hurt we might rub our wound, or a mother will kiss her child's injury. The different levels of reiki attunements essentially open up the reiki practitioner's chakras to allow for a stronger flow of the energy and there are symbols that also help boost the level of energy or focus the energy for more specific purposes.

A person receiving reiki will usually be lying on a massage type table fully clothed. The reiki practitioner will clarify if the client wants to be touched or not and will then place her hands on or just above the 7 major chakra energy centers of the body, as well as some smaller ones on the legs and arms. The receiver may or may not feel the energy flowing out of the practitioners hands and may have other sensations or may not have any physical sensation at all during the treatment. There may be more of an emotional cleansing with the resurfacing of old memories, emotions or experiences that need to be looked at or processed in either a conscious or unconscious way in order to release, grow, evolve and heal so that he/she can move forward.

There is soooo much more to reiki but this is a brief introduction. I am also still learning as I delve into the beginning of what I hope will be a long journey of bringing healing into my life and those who want to share it with me..... So, I currently can see clients in a Marietta, GA or at a client's home in the metro Atlanta area.

Breathe, Smile, Laugh.

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